A Note from DreamStar

Halloween is coming (I know you’re all coming in for some fishnets and crazy fake eyelashes :)). With this spooky approach, I’ve been thinking a lot about ghosts. Not the horror movie type, not the kind that lurk out from behind the couch or under your bed.

You know the kind I mean, I think everyone has these. Not everyone’s houses were built on Indian burial grounds or with secrets in the attic. But everyone has had someone leave, someone break their heart, someone disappear in an instant. These are the ghosts I’ve been thinking about. More visceral than a ghost in the movies because you feel them. They’re a presence, more frightening because they can’t be vanquished with a potion or summoned with a ouija board. We need to deal with them every day. They can strangle us. And all we can do is wait? Wait for what, I wonder.



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