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‎8pm people!!! set your DVR’s, pop the

May 26, 2011

‎8pm people!!! set your DVR’s, pop the popcorn, grab the chocolate! This is the playoffs of Dance for the next 8 weeks followed by a superbowl finale!! This is our sport, let’s support it!!
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The day is here!! Tonight, premeire of SYTYCD! Visit the store to enter the sweepstakes and get your friends to like our FB page!! Each week, we are giving dance products etc. away!!! you have to be a fan though!
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A Note from DreamStar

May 25, 2011

Needs:  caffeine, sleep, money, a degree, a job, a boyfriend, a best friend, an A, an idea, time, love, happiness, faith, inspiration 

We always need – whether concretely, abstractly, daily, monthly, temporarily, relentlessly.  The list above could go on and on – changing here and there depending on the person writing it and living it.  But, what do we want?  If you want too much – you’re selfish.  But I would rather be selfish than always bowing to other people, always compromising what I want to appease and temper others.  

I want to leap and run, not bow.  


We are estatic to report that DreamStar

May 19, 2011

We are estatic to report that DreamStar is officially working with FOX’s SYTYCD! Starting this Sat. visit our store and enter the sweepstakes to win Capezio & SYTYCD branded products.One free entry per person additional entries for purchases over $30! Get your dance friends to join our page because every week during the show run something will happen at the store and you will only know through our FB page!SEASON PREMIERE 5/26 ON FOX