A Note from DreamStar

Does all happiness need to be inevitably followed by heartache?  Are we only climbing to fall, again and again – blindly believing, resolutely surrendering to the immediate grin of a self-fulfilling bliss?  Or are these questions merely the rants of a selfish pessimist?  I don’t have the answer.  I don’t know if I’m a believer of ‘all things happen for a reason.’  It all seems a little too easy for me, a little too stifling.  If every action, every moment is innately connected to something greater, something outside of my control, how can any decision really be the right one?  If it will all turn out, well, beautifully then why would I ever wake up, ever try to find love or meaning or anything?  Maybe that’s the pessism talking again, or the melodrama (not waking up, how emo!) – I just wonder if (and I stress this big IF) hearthache and happiness are merely counterparts, how is it that either of them can control my trail, the purpose of my being?  Just something to think about, dear readers. 

(Sorry it’s a little heavy today)



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