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A Note from DreamStar

October 23, 2010

Dancing is always a risk.  It allows strangers to peer inside of you, to see the most intimate, sacred, and fundamental pieces of your soul.  This exposure takes courage.  Enduring this stark nakedness takes gumption, loving it takes spirit , needing it takes fire.

– A


Today is the last day to use the “Back

October 15, 2010

Today is the last day to use the “Back to Dance School” Coupon which can be found at your studio or on our website Sooo, print that coupon and hurry in! We are open until 6pm !

Good Morning dancers, what’s on the age

October 13, 2010

Good Morning dancers, what’s on the agenda today?

Dancers..Are you attending a convention?

October 11, 2010

Dancers..Are you attending a convention? Need some New Hot Booty shorts & Bra/Cami Tops? How about some Foot Undeez? or Capezio’s New “Freeform” shoe(which works fabulous when dancing on carpet in those ballrooms!) Visit us at DreamStar and stand out this season!

A Note From DreamStar

October 8, 2010

I’ve been thinking alot lately about the lines between good and evil – yes, lines, not line.  I don’t think there’s one, I don’t think they’re undeniably lucid, and I don’t think they need to define us.  Of course, we’re told differently aren’t we?  From birth we’re told we must fall on one side of this line:  we must be good.  But it doesn’t stop there.  We are told not only what we must be, but how to accomplish this state of being – how to be “good.”  We are (dare I say it) programmed to understand what constitutes good, and more dangerously, what constitutes evil.  We consider ourselves the former, and undoubtedly, label anyone or any act outside of “good’s” narrow realm the latter.  I beg you to see the flaw in this thinking.  I beg you to question these lines – to question everything.  Plunging into this unknown, into a space that is only questions and no answers is frightening, but revealing, necessary.  This thinking isn’t easy, this abandonment of the known isn’t comforting.  But it can be grand.  It’s more than self-revelation, it’s more than a single journal entry, or blog post, or solitary piece of choreography.  It’s a life-long realization – all of your loves, your failed relationships, your chances, your downfalls, your lifetime of choreography – they all are begging the questions, erasing the lines, redefining the good’s and the evil’s.  And the grandness of this, I hope, cannot be questioned.

So, dear readers, this week I’m afraid I’m asking a little more of you – Ask the questions you’ve been afraid to hear the answers to.  Ask the questions that don’t have an answer.  Redefine the good and the evil until the lines between vanish, leaving (I’m afraid to say it) more questions.  Ask them through creative expression – through dance, through art – and see what happens.

– A