A Note From DreamStar

Life is too short to live caught between two worlds.  One:  a world of imprisonment, where you only do what others expect of you, only provide what others need, only fulfill the desires of others.  The Other:  a world where no one else means anything to you, a world of selfish motives, selfish love, uninhibited self-fulfillment.  Dancing alone in a room so big it brings me back to earth is where I find a balance between these worlds.  I am dancing for myself, but the story I am telling through my dance is one twisted and shaped by my connection with others.  The power is coming from my soles, my fingertips, my heart.  The inspiration is from my love, hate, anger, passion, lust for others.  This balance is freedom.  This balance is not a purgatory, but a paradise.  And it may be momentary and fleeting and impossible to truly define, but it’s real and it’s free. 

So, dear readers, give it a try.

– A


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