A Note From DreamStar – I talked in an e

A Note From DreamStar – I talked in an earlier blog about telling a story through dance, whether you’re the dancer or the choreographer. I was thinking about it, and I think what’s best about being connected to dance is you can tell truly any story. As soon as I finish choreographing a piece and it is performed onstage, the dance can tell any story to any person. I know what it meant to me as I created it – it stemmed from somewhere inside me – but once revealed to others, it can mean anything. It’s so beautiful. The story of the choreographer courses through the bodies of the dancers, but to the dancers they can be telling a story of their own. They may be dancing for something else. The audience may be watching for something else. The choreographer may see things more lucidly, understand things differently than they initially had. This lack of an universal understanding does not prevent the noble purpose I mentioned earlier from thriving. In fact, it thrives more. There’s meaning, there’s significance, there’s dancing for revelation.


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