May 18, 2013
RECITAL GIFTS! Give them something they really want and can use! This is just a sample of what you can find at DreamStar… NEW ARRIVAL!! short

May 17, 2013
NEW ARRIVAL!! short and bra top, comes in children & adult sizes, add some color to your spring/summer dancing ūüôā Another NEW ARRIVAL

May 17, 2013
Another NEW ARRIVAL at DreamStar! Gymnastic leotard by Capezio We‚Äôre overjoyed to an

February 2, 2012
We’re overjoyed to announce: In commemoration of our 5-year anniversary and in our continued effort to bring you the best shopping experience possible, we’re moving to …
Olde Shrewsbury Village
1000 Boston Turnpike Road
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Enjoy our bigger and better space, our new merchandise (which doubles what we have now!), and our longer store hours. The one thing that won‚Äôt change‚ÄĒour attentive service and big smiles.
Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates on the new store and to find out the date of our Grand Reopening.
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something’s missing

November 10, 2011

sometimes on a still night when netflix is being slow and someone i love is angry at me…when i’m about to start something new, when i can’t seem to remember what¬†i used to know so well. sometimes on a summer day when no one’s home and all’s quiet and i walk up the stairs through thick, hot air…when an old song plays or another season changes…i miss you.

every now and then when the rain falls in sheets and the music’s on low…when i start to remember, when i hate to forget. every here and there when i miss being young or see an old picture¬†or hope an old hope…i miss you.¬†

and sometimes (just sometimes), i think, something’s missing.¬†


November is talk to DreamStar month. We

November 1, 2011

November is talk to DreamStar month. We want to hear from you. We’re always giving you our two cents weekly, and now it’s your turn. Every week we’ll post a question – don’t be shy. You have a voice to share.

This week we want to know…what inspires you?

A Note from DreamStar

October 27, 2011

Two days left of the BOGO Tights Sale! Buy one pair of tights (child or adult), and get the other pair half-off.¬†Come get your¬†tights for Nutcracker, or buy¬†a couple extra pairs for class or upcoming performances.¬†A chance like this flies by; don’t let it fly by you!

A Note from DreamStar

October 22, 2011

Smile today.

I’m a solemn believer that it takes more energy, and I’m talking a significant amount more, to be¬†gloomy than it does to be happy. So, smile today. The leaves are beautiful – take a minute to enjoy that color, the fleeting¬†vibrancy of fall. Don’t miss it because your eyes are cast down. Look up, breathe, smile. I promise, more often than not,¬†you’ll like what you see.


A Note from DreamStar

October 18, 2011

Halloween is coming (I know you’re all coming in for some fishnets and crazy fake eyelashes :)). With this spooky approach, I’ve been thinking a lot about ghosts. Not the horror movie type, not the kind that lurk out from behind the couch or under your bed.

You know the kind I mean, I think everyone has these. Not everyone’s houses were built on Indian burial grounds or with secrets in the attic. But everyone has had someone leave, someone break their heart, someone disappear in an instant. These are the ghosts I’ve been thinking about. More visceral than a ghost in the movies because you feel them. They’re a presence, more frightening because they can’t be vanquished with a potion or summoned with a ouija board. We need to deal with them every day. They can strangle us. And all we can do is wait? Wait for what, I wonder.


A Note from DreamStar

October 8, 2011

Halloween is coming…have you decided what you want to be? Trick or treat at DreamStar!¬†Add some flair to any costume with¬†fishnets, glitter, hair accessories and more. Leotards are perfect to wear under your costumes.¬†Turn heads with¬†the best costume at the Halloween party – DreamStar’s here to help you!